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  • 25.04.2019.   : 12 AM - 6 PM
  • Tehnološki park Zagreb, Zagrebački Velesajam

Mission and vision

ICT Supergirls event is on a mission to inform and encourage young women through the experiences and presentations of women already successful in the IT industry.

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Who we are?

ICT company Lemax provides advanced software for travel businesses worldwide, which has been awarded the Croatian Green Mark award for excellence. The company initiated ICT Supergirls event in Croatia in order to motivate women in their professional development and contribute to the ICT community which is always in the need of quality workforce.

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Global initiative ICT Supergirls

ICT Supergirls is part of the global initiative "ITU's Girls in ICT Day", traditionally celebrated in April worldwide. More than 244 thousand women and girls have taken part in this worthy event in 160 countries of the world, with the goal of raising awareness among young women about the influence of technology and motivating them to pursue a degree and a career in the tech sector.

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Mentoring program

Mentoring program

Got questions - and nobody to help you?

The idea of mentorship was born by the employees of Lemax who wanted to be there for young women and girls who would like to change their career or have yet to decide the direction they want to go in, assist them with real-life tips and advice, and empower them to realize their potential.

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Join us - Lecturer

Do you want to tell your journey from scratch to success and share your experiences from the ICT sector? Become a presenter!

Initiators of the global initiative in Croatia

Nataša Kapov


Nataša is the main organizer and the pioneer of ICT Supergirls event in Croatia since 2015. She has a degree from the Faculty of Geodesy and Geoinformatics, and today she leads the Software implementation department in Lemax. She's been active in the area of IT and geodesy for the past 10 years.

Nataša Kapov


  • Highly inspiring and a great organization of the event.

  • Very motivational, touching and inspiring! Exactly what I needed – proof that EVERYTHING is possible 🙂

  • I’ve broadened my horizons!

  • “I really liked the whole event because I had the opportunity to meet new people and get useful information. I will definitely apply for a mentoring program to improve my current skills as well as gain new experiences that will help me in my professional development. “

    Student of Faculty of Science
  • “This event has really inspired me to be brave despite fears some sort and that nothing should hinder.  ICT Supergirls encouraged me to think about where i can see myself in the future. I am glad that I was here and gained new friends”

    Student of University of Economics
  • “I applied to the event because there are a lot of options for things to do after college, but I never focused in this area because I had a view of the ICT industry as” male “industries. People do not know actually what this sector offers and is very useful to come to these events and to hear something new.”

    High school student
  • “Event expanded my view of the ICT industry and give motive to think about myself, to see where I am now and where I want to be. I am delighted relationships within teams Lemax, all are friendly. Congratulations for the organization!”

    High school student
  • It was beautiful and exactly what I needed. For a good hour, I was trying to restrain myself from crying out of laughter 😀


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