Another ICT Supergirls event has come to an end, and it’s the fourth one in a row!

150 beautiful women,
15 astonishing prizes,
8 inspiring lectures,
2 hilarious stand-up comedians. Well, three if we count the show host.
1 unique message: You can do IT!

Thank you all for a great vibe, contagious positive energy, all the laughter, curiosity, questions, and praises… This day you gave yourselves as a gift – because you deserve it!

Some of the feedback on the entire event:

”Highly inspiring and a great organization of the event”

”Very motivational, touching and inspiring! Exactly what I needed – proof that EVERYTHING is possible :)”

”It was beautiful and exactly what I needed. For a good hour, I was trying to restrain myself from crying out of laughter :D”


Check out the Photo Gallery 2018 to see the vibe for yourself!

See you next year at ICT Supergirls 2019!