Our story

The Lemax company started celebrating the international „Girls in ICT Day“ in 2015, under the name „ICT Supergirls“ which is traditionally celebrated in April, and so far over 240,000 girls and young women have taken part in more than 7,200 celebrations of International Girls in ICT Day in 160 countries worldwide. The purpose of the event is to raise the awareness of young women about the importance of technology and encourage girls and younger women to consider a future in technology and pursue careers in the growing field of ICTs.

The ICT Supergirls event consists of a number of lectures and workshops presented by leaders of the Croatian ICT scene to encourage girls to become familiar with the ICT world and to recognize the opportunities and challenges in the information – communication technology.

This year, as a part of the event, we are starting a mentoring program under the name “You Can Do IT” – an initiative that is meant to help girls young people to know more about the opportunities and challenges of the business world, especially in occupations within ICT.

While the ICT sector is full of potential for growth and employment, only a small number of girls and women decide to pursue a career in this so-called “Male industry”, mainly because of insufficient information about this industry as well as the fear of not being accepted.

Our goal is to break the stereotypes using our own example as well as examples of other successful women in ICT to show young girls as well as the public that this sector is reserved equally for men and women, and that the key to the success of any company lies in young talented people hungry for new knowledge and challenges, regardless of gender.

Our main idea is to encourage and stimulate young girls to consider a future in technology, recognize the opportunities and the step up to the challenges!

About us

Lemax was founded in July 1990 and is based in Zagreb Croatia, with a client base of more than 200 customers. We are focussed on developing specialized software solutions for travel companies. We have also developed solutions for different business areas such as healthcare, constructions, instrumentations, stores and many others.  Our vision is to become a global provider of world-class solutions for the travel industry. Lemax is committed to future development of the Lemax reservation system, and we are working closely with our customers to ensure that this future development work delivers the capabilities they need. Trough ICT Supergirls event, we try to encourage young women in their professional development and contribute to the ICT industry, which is a daily struggle given the lack of quality staff.

Our team

We have over 50 employees that are experts in their fields of computer science, business economics and design, keeping over 200 of our clients satisfied every day. Almost half of the employees, about 40% of our company, are women. We work in a friendly atmosphere, dynamic environment and a learning culture, where we strive to make ourselves and each other better every day…